Monday, August 9, 2010

Consoling Ancestor Ghost Stuffed Print Doll

Consoling Ancestor Ghost Doll
New stuffed print doll now available!
Thanks folks!
~Kerry Kate


Designs By CK said...

GORGEOUS & SpOOky cool as always!

Hope this note finds you well KK.


SpOOky CK >:-)

Rhondamum said...

I love this and can't wait to meet her! Thank you so much! Rhonda...

Ree said...

Just beautiful!!!
Xoxoxxx Ree

October Effigies said...

Thank you so much folks! And thank you Rhondamum for your purchase!! xo!

Ms Corpse Cafe said...

I also have bought this and she does a gracious job of consoling me.

Darkest regards and thank you,


October Effigies said...

That is absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much Ms Corpse!

femme arcane said...

I love this doll but you are all sold out! Will you be producing more of this one?