Sunday, March 3, 2013

No Stuffed Print Dolls For A While and New Hand Painted Vampire Doll

Just took off all the stuffed print dolls off my etsy. They will be returning August for the Halloween/Holiday season. There will be hand painted dolls and other art on there for sale (just listed a new one). Will be moving, traveling, working on a big project and concentrating on hand painted dolls and art over the next several months. Thanks!

New hand painted Sleeping Vampire Doll 02 OOAK Now available!

Fun with mixed media

Been working on mixed media natural collages these days.. Here is my first one made late last year.
Poppy pod, dried carnivorous plant, lichen, moss, wasp nest, copper, patina, beeswax, anise and clay.

Metaphysical Love ♥

Happy Valentines!
New Doll
Metaphysical Love ♥

Group Photo

Group photo of some hand painted dolls. Old and new...