Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lil' Girl with Blind Mum Stuffed Print Doll

10% off new doll for the first 48 hours sale ends Thursday 8th @ 10am
Made from my original Lil' Girl with Blind Mum hand painted doll made over 5 years back and one of my favorites now available as a stuffed print! Now Available here on Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/kerrykate
11 inches tall and sits.
Priority Shipping.
Thanks for looking!
Lil' Girl with Blind Mum Doll


Designs By CK said...

Great new piece & hope you had a nice birthday!


CK (-:

Estephania said...

Hi, my name is Stephanie Saldaña I live in Monterrey, Mexico I am a huge fan of your work, they are truly pieces of art, I am student of art and we take a class of business and marketing, and I was wondering, when you started to produce your art dolls did you ever thing how could it be successful or if it was going to be a big market interested on it, I ask you this because it is a very big business of industrialized production out there and there is basically very little opportunities to succeed if you are an independent art toys artist, but you are a big and an amazing proof that you can succeed, I just want to know if you ever hesitated or if you always knew it was going to work.
Thanks for your attention, you are amazing my truly inspiration