Monday, January 11, 2010

Boo Bin Sale!

Please go to the flickr page here If you hover over the picture you can see where the damaged areas are. If you go to all sizes you will be able to see a larger version.
All dolls are 17 dollars + 6 dollars priority shipping besides the ghosts. The conjoined Ghost doll is 21 dollars + 6 dollars priority shipping. If you would like one of these please email here
23$ for dolls and 27$ for conjoined ghost doll
2.repaired rip
3.repaired rip
4.truncated head
5.repaired rip

Thanks folks!!
Boo Bin Sale Jan 2010


Aria Nadii said...

Hey. I kind like slightly truncated heads.

Aria Nadii said...

Oops. I meant...kind of.

October Effigies said...

haha!! yeah it doesn't look to bad. Just not perfectly round. I should probably add that this particular one meet a horrible accident in the war involving land mines or I just didn't notices that there wasn't enough fabric in the back to cover his entire head ;)

Ree said...

You call those booboo dolls? OMGosh I think they are wonderful!!! I wish my "boos boos" look that good! LOL

Xoxoxxx Ree

Evil Lily said...

I sent you an email! **fingers crossed**