Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halloween Season

Time to decorate for the Halloween season!
Here are pictures from last years decor
Witch's Stove
Halloween 2008
monster home
Mantel with Teeth
Guests at Halloween party
Hawk and Daughter
Our house always looks a bit like Halloween all year round but come late summer and we add more webs, pumpkins and decorate our front window that faces the street. Since we've lived here it was bats, last year a skeleton and this year will be a bare tree with crows..

For more inspirations and ideas be sure to check out our other blog The Obscure Hollow.


Johnny Love said...

Such a great time of the year, pulling out all the decorations and having all the great Halloween memories come back to mind.

Johnny Love

October Effigies said...

Thank you Johnny Love!
Love your site!