Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Scissor Murderess Ghost Doll Hand painted

With her scissors ending so many lives at her hands, this murderess was hanged in the early 30's. She still wanders your town looking for victims.
Hand painted and is ready to hang by invisible thread
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Aria Nadii said...

Nice! Those scissors are nicely painted. Love the drop of blood for a belly button.:)

Evil Lily said...

Oh WOW! I want to say this one is my favorite. However, everytime you list a new doll, that one becomes a favorite. :)

Designs By CK said...


Chris '-)

Yve said...

I wonder if she met her demise by running and falling on her own scissors? That was one of my mother's favourite things to scream at me when I was a kid,"don't run with scissors".

She's lovely! :o)

October Effigies said...

Hey thanks you guys!!! Shes even creeping me out that's for sure..