Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victorian Doll ooak Handmade and painted

Victorian Doll
A poet of the macabre from China traveling the states during the Victorian era looking for inspiration.

This is a 10 inch hand painted and hand made doll made by me several years ago. She was featured in the book 500 handmade dolls. She is made with ink, paper, ribbon, and an oil painted face. She also has a bone skull bead on her neck. She also has two new additions (her legs) and either sits or is ready to hang.


shewalkssoftly.com said...

This is truly stunning. I love the use of paper in the dress (and the bone skull necklace!).

October Effigies said...

Thanks so much!!!

Phil said...

Wow! The workmanship is of course great - but she evokes a strong emotion, doesn't she? Very nice.

October Effigies said...

Thank you so much Phil!!